Aims & Objectives


JAGRITI Yoga & Naturopathy (JYANS) is an autonomous institution for Research and Development in Yoga & Naturopathy, established in 2015 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. IT is a self funded and some projects are funded by Govt. of INDIA. As per the Memorandum of Association, the objectives of the Institution are as under

  • To promote the ‘Yoga and Naturopathy’ in all over the India.
  • Formulation of YogaTraining Centres/Study Centres on scientific lines in Yoga & Naturopathy.
  • Developments and propogation of Yoga & Naturopathy in India and abroad.
  • Prosecution and assistance in research, the propagation of knowledge and experimental measures generally in connection with the causation, mode of spread and prevention of diseases.
  • Initiate, aid, develop and coordinate scientific research in different aspects, fundamental and applied of Yoga and Naturopathy and to promote and assist institutions of research for the study of diseases, their prevention, causation and remedy.
  • Prepare, print, publish and exhibit any papers, posters, pamphlets, periodicals and books for furtherance of the objects of the Central Council and to contribute to such literature.
  • Offer prizes and grant of scholarships, including travelling scholarships in furtherance of the objects of the Central Council.
  • Grant accreditation to organisations for conducting courses in Yoga and Naturopathy.
  • Grant registration to the practitioners of Yoga and Naturopathy.


Jagriti yog & Naturopathy (JYANS) is launched as a moment to develop, promote & propagate yoga & naturopathy as a system of Medical Science. The aim of JYANS is to establish a strong platform for the development and promotion of Yoga & Naturopathy at International level. The specific objectives of the JYNS are

  • To promote the ‘Yoga and Naturopathy’ in all over the India.
  • To provide assistance to institutes and persons working in field of Yoga & Naturopathy.
  • To enroll Yoga & Naturopathy Institutions working in India and abroad as members of JYANS and Organize meeting, seminars, conferences, workshops, reorientation camps, refresher course etc. for greater benefits to the society thought Yoga & Naturopathy.
  • To provide technical and the human resources to organizations working in the field of research, education and promotion of Yoga & Naturopathy.
  • To spread its activities by creating units at central, states, regional and district/local level as well as abroad.
  • To establish, maintain and assist centers, franchisee & institutes for research & Development in the field of yoga and naturopathy.
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