Calcaneal Spur/Heal Spur

Calcaneal Spur/Heal Spur

Calcaneal spurs or heel spurs is a debilitating and painful condition that typically occur in middle-aged men and women. But, nowadays even the young generation has become a victim of this condition. It is caused as a result of repeated stress placed on ligaments and muscles, along with the abnormal stretching of the band tissue connecting the heel and the ball of the foot. Traditional methods of treatment are usually slow and inefficient at treating this condition. If you want long-term relief, make your way to Jagriti Yoga and Naturopathy Sansthan. We hold years of expertise and experience in offering effective calcaneal spur treatment in New Delhi, which is 100% natural.


Intake of over-the counter medications, anti-inflammatory medicines and surgery are conventional treatment methods that only provide temporary relief and may also cause severe side-effects. Our team of certified naturopathic doctors treat calcaneal spur by using the following alternative methods:

Relaxation of mind/body – Sometimes, foot pain is related to excessive levels of stress. We employ guided imagery and hypnosis, along with meditation.

Exercise – Calcaneal spur exercise mainly includes stretching exercises that gently help to calm the muscle and tissues surrounding the heel. We also conduct yoga classes to help our Patients achieve a healthy body and mind.

Supplements – We make use of ginger, turmeric and other such effective natural anti-inflammatories.

Deep Tissue Massages – Our deft team of professionals are experts at offering deep tissue messages. The massage includes relaxing and soothing circulations on the affected heel, along with herbal and therapeutic oils.

At Jagriti Yoga & naturopathy centres we apply a combination of natural calcaneal spur treatment, in addition to the ones mentioned-above. Our patients are treated with superior care and personalized attention at our state-of-the-art naturopathy center. The treatment usually spans over 7 to 10 days and during this time, For result-driven

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