The inflammation of the sciatic nerve is known as sciatica. The symptoms usually include pain in the buttocks, lower back and pain radiating down one leg. The pain particularly becomes unbearable during the winter season. Herniated disk, vertebral body fracture, degenerative disk diseases, spinal stenosis or performis syndrome is some of the sciatica causes. Women and men between 30 to 50 years of age become victims of this disease.

The good news is that Jagriti Yoga and Naturopathy Sansthan is capable of treating and curing this disease without resorting to surgical treatments or harmful medications. Our naturopathy experts take a holistic approach towards relieving pain. At our state-of-the-art naturopathy facility, we offer a combination of sciatica treatment, such as:

  • Joints Cleansing by Using Apple cider Vinegar, Honey and Black Mollesses and EH medicines.
  • Herbs – Herbs like, black birch, willow, skull cap, wild lettuce, ruta graveolens, mullein root etc among others, are excellent for the treatment sciatica. It specifically works toward soothing the nerves and reducing the swelling.
  • Relaxing Massages – Massage is one of the most important techniques for gaining sciatica relief. Our naturopaths gently massage the affected area using herbal and essential oils to alleviate painful sensations and muscular spasms.
  • Yoga & Exercise – We lay great emphasis on overall fitness and well-being of our guests. Sciatica exercises include yoga asanas, such as nauka-asana, uttanpada-asana, vajara-asana, shava-asana, bhujanga-asana and so on. Such asanas help to bring about fast relief from this agonizing disease. In addition, guests are motivated towards walking to breathe in the fresh air and practice some free-hand exercises.
  • Neurotherapy – This is another powerful pain-relief technique that our neuro therapists to treat sciatica. It improves the functioning of the nerves.
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